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Web Design / Graphic Design
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An outstanding logo design is essential and the priority of a branded image of any business. This is the symbol representing you and/or your business that will be on everything – all your advertising materials, website, social media, stationary, so best to make sure that it looks great. A professionally designed logo shows clients that your business is professional and gives your product more visual appeal and subliminally conveys the style of your brand. The folllowing examples are some of the LOGOS designed by Dimension Design.

Marz Psywear

a psychedelic-style clothing designer

Green Butterfly Effect

an environmentally friendly company, plus logos for sub-companies



an organic smoothie and coffee business

Freelancers Fridays

a freelancers networking company

Design Studio

an architectural and building consultancy company

Design Studio Logo

Angel Healing Works

an energy healer

Angel Healing Works Logo

Apex Fitness

a personal fitness trainer

Organic Style Farming

an organic farm

Branding_OSF_logo design

Modern Digital Solutions

a digital solutions company

MDS_logo design


a debt solutions company

Logo design

FinECon Logo

a financial advice company

logo design


a financial advice company

Logo Design

Horizen Consulting

an accounting and business solutions company

logo design

M&T Financial Solutions

a financial solutions company

Logo design

Mohloli Merchant Bank

a merchant bank in Lesotho. See also the brochure design in the corporate design section

Logo Design

Luminate Festival

a conscious living festival in New Zealand

Logo Design

Wild Fruit

a fruit products company in New Zealand

Logo Design

Saturn Surf

a surfing clothing label

Logo Design

Noise TV

a local internet TV station in Australia

Noise Bar

a music bar in Australia, related to Noise TV.

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